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The Session Fee covers photographer's time and talent only. Most sessions last between 1 - 3 hours depending on the number of people and age of the children. Sessions are held at your choice of location ~ your home, local park, a special beach, walking around an urban or smalltown downtown. We can chat about fun places to go that will suit your family and your style.

Session Fee/Deposit:

$200 (which includes a $100 print/package credit)

The session fee is due at the photo session.

We can have a pre-session meeting either in-person, by telephone or email to talk about where the session should take place, your ideas and how to incorporate them into a fun and productive photo session.

The session fee covers the photographers time, meetings, talent and editing of the images from the session.

The session fee covers your family (up to 6 people). If you want to have extended family or friends join you in the session, there will be a fee of $25 for each extra person. The extra person fees will not count as print credits.

Once your session has been completed and the best images are edited, you will get a password to see your gallery. Within 2 weeks we should have an appointment to have an order session or you can place your order online.

You can order a la carte prints, but you get the best value in a package. There are also special prices once you have purchased a package.


Digital-Only Packages

Simply, you choose your favorite images that you will get as digital files on CD or flashdrive. You will also get a 5x7 print of the same images. I have a Client Shopping Site where your digital images will be uploaded and you can purchase reprints at wholesale pricing.

15 digital images..........$600

20 digital images..........$750

25 digital images..........$900


You can choose prints, albums, collages and digital files to suit your need, decor and taste. There are Mixed Packages that combine digital, prints, albums etc... or you can choose to order products a la carte.

I can design wall displays to help you with your collection and show off your prints at their best. A grouping of pictures is a beautiful way to display over a couch, above a table, going up the stairs, over a bed or a wall in the family room. You can use framed prints, shadow-mounted prints, canvas prints, or collages to make a stunning display of your family.


Mixed Packages

A. 5 digital image files on CD (and 5x7 prints) and 1 spiral-bound 5x7 session album (all images from session)

B. 1 16x20 canvas/framed/standout, 1 spiral-bound 5x7 session album and 7 digital image files (and 5x7 prints)

C. 20 page 8x8 custom designed album with all your images, plus 2 11x14 prints

D. 13 digital images on CD (and same as 5x7 prints) and a 20 page 8x8 custom designed album with all your images $800

E. 4 8x10 prints, 1 11x14 collage, 1 5x7 spiral bound session album, a Mobile Album app and 7 digital image files on CD (and as 5x7 prints).

F. 1 16x20 canvas/framed/standout, 1 spiral bound session album, 2 11x14 prints, 3 3x3 mini albums, a Mobile Album app and 10 images digital on CD (and as 5x7 prints).

F. 4 8x10 prints, 1 11x14 collage, 3 3x3 mini albums, and 15 images digital on CD (and as 5x7 prints)

G. 1 12x18 collage, 3 3x3 mini albums, 20 page 8x8 custom designed press printed album of all your images, a Mobile Album app and 10 digital images on CD (and as 5x7 prints) $1100

H. 20 digital images on CD (and as 5x7 prints), a 20 page 10x10 press printed album with all your images, and a 16x20 print $1150

I. All images in gallery as digital images on CD (and 5x7 prints), a custom-designed memory box to store the 5x7 prints, 2 11x14 prints, a Mobile Album app of your favorite 25 images $1300


Special Prices/Discounts with purchase of a package:

  • Spiral-bound session albums (5x7)....A la carte $350; Special $150 each.
  • 3x3 Mini Albums (set of 3)....A la carte $100; Special $75.
  • Extra digital files....A la carte $100 each; Special $50 each.
  • Custom image boxes....A la carte $150; Special $100.


All prints are printed at a professional lab.

Each is sprayed with a lustre coating for durability & protection.
A beautiful linen texture is added to all prints 8x12 and larger. The texture can be added to smaller prints ~ just ask.

All wall & display prints are mounted on styrene. Desk prints can be mounted too ~ just ask for price.

A La Carte
(40% discount on desk or wall prints when added to a package)

Desk Prints

  • 5x7 and smaller.....$45
  • wallets (8)..............$45
  • 8x10.......................$60
  • 8x12.......................$65

Wall or Display Prints ~ mounted on styrene for better stability & durability.
More sizes are available ~ please ask!

  • 11x14..........$120
  • 10x20..........$120
  • 12x18..........$140
  • 16x20..........$175


Canvas, Framed or Shadow-Mounted

You can get your print fully finished and ready to hang on your wall.

Canvas prints are beautiful and classic. No need to frame, canvas prints come fully finished, front & back. Prices are for 1 1/2 inch wrapped canvas prints. The canvas wraps around a wood frame, with either a solid edge, a decorative edge or wrapped with the image.

Framed prints are made with a solid hardwood and come with glass or without. All frames come with hardware installed and ready to hang.

Shadow-Mounted prints really make your image stand out! Prints are mounted on a 1 1/2 inch lightweight foam board edged in black or white. Stylish yet simple. Lightweight and easy to hang, comes with predrilled holes on the back.

A La Carte pricing
(20% discount on canvas, frames or standouts when added to a package)

  • 11x14.......$175
  • 12x12.......$175
  • 10x20.......$175
  • 12x18.......$220
  • 16x20.......$240
  • 20x20.......$250
  • 20x30.......$325

Please contact Kathryn for all pricing details.


I love to design collages.

A great way to display a bunch of images or to tell a story from our time together.

Different sizes and different layouts depending on where you want to display and how you want it to look.

All collages are mounted on styrene for easy display and durability.

  • 5x10.......$60
  • 8x12.......$85
  • 10x10......$95
  • 11x14......$120
  • 10x20......$120
  • 16x20......$175
  • 20x24......$250

Other sizes are available. Just ask for a price estimate.

Additional Products

3x3 Mini Accordian Albums ~ up to 10 images in an accordian album, with a custom cover front & back. These albums come in sets of 3 identical albums. Perfect for parents, grandparents and to keep one for yourself.

$125 a la carte for a set of 3 or $75 when added to a package


Digital Images ~ $100 each a la carte or $50 each when added to a package


Session Album ~ 5x7 spiral bound album with all edited images from your session

$350 a la carte or $185 when added to a package


8x8 Custom Designed 20 page Album ~ thick pages with all the images from your session. A beautiful keepsake. Larger sizes are available, just ask.

$600 a la carte or $300 when added to a package


Custom Image YearBox ~ a keepsake photo box, custom designed with your images, a collage, text, dates etc...and will hold 5x7 prints inside. Wonderful way to keep all the prints in one place in a beautiful box.

A la carte $150 or $100 when added to a package

Custom Image Boxes can be combined with 5x7 prints in 3 different ways:

  • Custom Image Box with 20 regular 5x7 prints: $450.00
  • Custom Image Box with 40 regular 5x7 prints: $600.00
  • Custom Image Box with 20 styrene-mounted 5x7 prints and a small display easel: $700


Mobile AlbumApp ~ A new product which I know you will love!
When you purchase digital images, I can create a digital album which becomes an app for you to tap on and your pictures are displayed as a slideshow on your phone! This album is made to view on your phone, iPod, iPad. You can show off your pictures everywhere! Complementary with a $600 purchase.

Mini Sessions

A quick fun way to update your family or children's pictures. I know it isn't easy, both time-wise and budget-wise, to get a full session of images every year, so I offer the Mini Session option.

Mini Sessions are similar to a regular session, but our session time together and number of images in your gallery will be limited. The time limit for a Mini is 30-40 minutes and the number of images in your gallery will be 15 - 20.

The Mini Session price includes session fee plus your choice of 10 digital image files on CD and the same 10 as 5x7 prints. You can purchase additional prints, files, albums after seeing your gallery.

Mini Sessions are $425 + tax

The session price can be paid in full at the session or as a deposit of $200 at the session.

Any questions, please call or email me.

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